Balloon Games

Blow up some balloons and try out these fun and silly games together! 

  • Penguin Waddle – Place a balloon between your knees and waddle across the room without dropping it. Try turning it into a race! Add in some obstacles for them to go around. For multiple children, have them team up and try to waddle with the balloon between their hips! 

  • Keep it Up – Toss a balloon into the air and challenge them to keep it in the air and away from the floor! As they get better at it, add in some other challenges such as keeping it away from the walls, ceiling, and furniture. 

  • Balloon Blow – Set up a course and have your child blow the balloon through it and around obstacles! They can’t touch the balloon with their hands, even if it goes off course. Can they break their own record to the finish line? 

  • Balloon Foot Balance – Have your child lay down on their back with their legs up in the air. Place a balloon on their feet. They have to keep the balloon on their feet for as long as possible! This requires concentration and is a great core workout!