Keep growing with Go-Go with these fun activities to do at home! Check back every weekday for something new.

Jo-Jo is staying home while Go-Go is closed, but he still wants you to learn and have fun together! Here are some activities you can do with things you may already have around the house. A new activity will be added here every weekday, so don’t forget to check back in!

What Am I Eating?

Raid the cupboards to find fun items for your little one to taste, such as honey, soy sauce, mustard, marshmallows, etc. Blindfold your child and

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Balloon Games

Blow up some balloons and try out these fun and silly games together!  Penguin Waddle – Place a balloon between your knees and waddle across

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Mosaic Art

Create colourful paper tile mosaics inspired by ancient Roman artworks! Cut small squares and other shapes from coloured paper. Bring out glue and plain paper

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Salt Dough

A perfect activity to do together with your little one! Great for creating keepsakes or personalized gifts. All you need is flour, salt, and water!

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Button Flower Art

Brighten up your day with some colourful spring-time art made with buttons! These flowers make perfect cards or framed art! Glue some coloured buttons of

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Picasso Self-Portrait

Introduce your little one to abstract art creating self portraits inspired by Picasso’s own artwork! Ensure you have lots of colors available for drawing and

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Invisible Ink

Making invisible ink is a lot of fun! You can pretend you’re a secret agent as you keep all your secret codes and messages hidden

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Calming Jar

Here’s a perfect sensory bottle or calming jar craft that kids of all ages will love! Ingredients: Jar Paint Cotton Balls Water Glitter Start by

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Paper Weaving

Paper weaving is a simple and inexpensive way to teach your little ones the basics of weaving. Weaving helps kids with fine motor skills, patterning,

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