Hallway Bowling

This free and easy bowling game will get your kids moving indoors, no matter what age! Find some empty plastic water bottles or whatever other containers you have around the house. A real bowling alley has ten pins, but six works just fine for an at-home game. If the bottles are too easy to topple, fill them with a little bit of water to anchor them better. Set the bottles up in a triangle at the end of a hallway. Aim a ball and bowl! The smaller the ball, the greater the challenge! 

Small children might not care about scoring, but to get a real game going here’s how you play:

  • Each turn, the player gets two tries to knock down all the pins. Each pin knocked down is worth one point. 

  • If you knock down all the pins in one throw that’s a ‘strike’ and your turn ends. But your next two throws count for double points! 

  • If you bowl a ‘spare’ (knocking down all the pins using both turns), your next one one throw counts for double points. 

  • The highest score at the end of the game wins!