In-School Gym Rental

The New Brunswick Physical Education Curriculum has specific learning outcomes that include: mount, travel, dismount, jumping, landing and rolling. All of these specific learning outcomes can be effectively achieved through the sport of gymnastics. Go-Go gymnastics has state of the art equipment manufactured by the internationally renowned Speith Anderson Ltd. and we come to you! Go-Go Gymnastics is pleased to provide top-notch learning, focusing on fun, fitness, and safety from star jumps to dive rolls. Our certified coaches and state of the art equipment are sure to WOW your students.

Elementary P.E. FAQ

What can I expect?

When booking a full gym rental to come to your school’s P.E. classes, you can expect a great time! Children will rotate around the Go-Go gym in their classes and learn gymnastics skills tailored to their age group by a Go-Go coach.

How many children can be in the gym at a time?

Go-Go will work with you and your school’s needs to ensure that all kids have a great time. Typically, we will host one gym class at a time in the Go-Go gym, however, for larger schools with more phys ed classes we can double up classes.

How many helpers are required?

Go-Go will arrive with one coach to instruct the children. Help with spotting and supervision of stations is always appreciated, but not necessary, however we do ask for helpers to assist the Go-Go coaches with the load in and out of the equipment.

What is the gym teacher’s responsibility?

Go-Go coaches will teach structured and specially designed gymnastics classes during the day, therefore we ask that gym teachers focus their attention on child management and class control.

How can I best prepare the classes?

Due to time limitations, please ensure teachers arrive with their classes early, and the children are prepared for the introduction to their gymnastics class. Shoes and socks can be removed before entering the gym to save time.

How does the schedule work?

Go-Go will work around your schools needs and requirements when designing the daily schedule.

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