Go-Go After School

Go-Go After School is proud to offer a fun, educational after-school program for your child. Through Go-Go’s unique curriculum, your child will learn about physical activity, leadership, art & culture, science, and entrepreneurship. With hands-on experiments and interesting lesson plans, your child won’t even realize they’re learning! With monthly guest speakers, field trips, and bouncy castle carnival days your child is sure to be captivated!  To learn more about each aspect of the program simply click the titles below.

Physical Activity

Our curriculum is largely focused on keeping physical activity fun and interesting. To do so, Go-Go After School uses highly trained team members, exceptionally designed physical activity lesson plans, and circuit fitness programs. We focus on both fine & gross motor skills, balance, strength, and team play in order to offer a comprehensive and applicable physical education experience.


  • Minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity daily.
  • Group and individual based activities.
  • Special visits from Go-Go gymnastics, and more!


Our leadership curriculum develops personal leadership skills by teaching interactive and stimulating lessons developed around Steven Covey’s “Leader in Me: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Kids”. Our goal is to teach students the basics of these habits and incorporate their principles into fun and collaborative activities on site. Using group activities allows for children to notice their leadership habits in real settings, which filters into everyday home & school life!


  • Program inspired by Steven Covey’s “Leader in Me: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Kids”
  • A focus on clubs and teams.
  • Instructions on how to be good leaders.
  • And much more!

Art & Culture

The broad spectrum of this curriculum topic allows for a vast array of activities and projects that focus on the fun world of arts & culture, both locally and around the world. We are highly focused on incorporating each and every aspect of art, as well as learning important facts & details about our world’s cultures. We are always excitedly combining music, drawing, painting, and dance, as well as singing, poetry, sculpture, and drama– just to name a few!


  • Studying different cultures.
  • Field trips to learn about art.
  • Daily craft and creative activities.
  • Learning from around our world, and more!


By focusing on experiments that are not only fun, but lesson and principle oriented, we allow our students to be both entertained and educated during our science-filled afternoons. From outdoor to indoor, we incorporate kid-friendly chemistry, biology, and physics experiments. Our experiments always coincide with a quick lesson-focused talk, a question & answer period, and hands-on opportunities. Our science projects are an absolute hit each and every week!


  • Exciting hands-on experiments.
  • Field trips to explore nature and biology.
  • Explosive chemistry!
  • Fun learning experiences, and more!


Go-Go After School aims to provide a space for children to discover their love for entrepreneurship, focusing on teachings & curriculum from Junior Achievement. Our leaders will learn about business basics through age-appropriate lessons as well as participate in mock business scenarios. Groups will develop their “business plan” throughout the year and learn how to execute a successful company. They will move through their business plan, planning, producing, and finally selling their items on site. Our entrepreneurship teachings inspire self-starting skills as well as team building.


  • A curriculum based on the worldwide entrepreneurial group Junior Achievement.
  • Product plans created entirely by students, with profits going to charity.
  • Guest speakers from local businesses in your area and more!


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