About Us

About Go-Go Gymnastics!

Go-Go Gymnastics was incorporated in January 2006 with hopes of empowering and encouraging New Brunswick communities to participate in active and healthy lifestyles. After winning a number of prestigious provincial and national awards, the dream of creating a recreational gymnastics club that services a variety of geographical markets became a full reality. We hosted our first summer camp in 2006, and have since been busy offering gymnastic classes, after school programs, in-school enrichment programs, day camps, birthday parties, and special events all around New Brunswick! We work  all around the province, offering our renowned program to diverse New Brunswick areas. We have grown to service your areas with three portable trailer set-ups, and over 80 staff members. Most recently we were honored with the title of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” from the CBDC organization.

Go-Go Gymnastics Inc. has always focused on offering active programs that focus on three fundamental principles: fun, fitness & flair. This formula ensures that each child has an extraordinary gymnastics experience that introduces the importance of physical and mental stimulation for a healthy lifestyle. With exceptional coaches, an uplifting atmosphere, and state of the art equipment, Go-Go Gymnastics provides an opportunity for children to participate in an exciting and rewarding physical activity adventure. Over the past 5 years, Go-Go Gymnastics has seen over 5000 children get active in the gymnasium. That equals well over 50,000 hours of physical fitness! We have high hopes of growing our program even further, and hope to get as many kids back into physical activity as possible. Join us on our journey of making fitness fun!

About Go-Go After School

Go-Go After School is an elite after school care initiative that focuses on three main principles: literacy, leadership, and physical activity, and it grew out of the heart of Go-Go Gymnastics. Go-Go After School provides a space for children to discover their love for literacy, promising to focus on developing their personal leadership skills by teaching interactive and stimulating lessons developed around Steven Covey’s “Leader in Me: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Kids”. In addition, the program focuses heavily on the value of leading a healthy lifestyle by incorporating fun physical activity into the curriculum each and every day.

Unlike the typical play-based after-school program, Go-Go Inc. decided to develop a new learning-focused and innovative curriculum that focuses on the whole child. Created to inspire all children to soar to new heights, the Go-Go After School program provides a safe, fun, and educationally driven after school environment unlike any other. This endeavor was built out of the need for an after school program that focused on further developing children’s skills when their school day was done. With limited resources to put towards fully implementing their teachings on leadership in the school day, district specialists came to us with an idea. Why couldn’t we make after school care environments a better, more stimulating place to be?

To bring this goal to life, Go-Go After School affiliated with 11 schools in the Anglophone West district, implementing an after school care program for their children on site. We hired highly trained team members, designed exceptional lesson plans, and starting teaching the Go-Go way. We opened doors to 11 children, running small but successful programs that absolutely wowed parents. Now, each week, the children participate in a scheduled program, which is based upon a revolving focus on the three outlined fundamentals, as well as newly added subjects such as arts & culture and entrepreneurial teachings. The Go-Go After School program has grown to numbers of 200 children across our current locations, employs 12 staff members, and has affiliation line-ups for schools throughout New Brunswick. We hope to involve even more K-5 children in our program in the years to come and make our dream for refreshing child care your reality!

Come tumble and learn with us!